3 Ways to Future-Proof Nursing Education with ExamSoft

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A digital solution for assessment can help nursing programs solve immediate, pandemic-related challenges and develop long-term solutions to create a more sustainable learning environment with increased potential for connected and cohesive learning. With flexible, digital assessment, educators can analyze the academic impacts of events in a post-pandemic world, gain valuable performance insights, and make informed decisions to benefit all stakeholders across the institution, even in uncertain and fluid environments.

In the ExamSoft eBook, “3 Ways to Future-Proof Nursing Education with Digital Assessment,” we introduce three ways in which nursing programs can use a digital assessment platform to overcome pandemic-related challenges and create stable, sustainable learning modalities to lead nursing students and programs towards success:

1. Establish cohesive learning
2. Promote equity in learning
3. Make informed, campus-wide decisions

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Published: يونيو ٩, ٢٠٢٢

Updated: أغسطس ١٠, ٢٠٢٣

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